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40% Productivity Gain and FTE savings with SMB clients for PurpleClick



As a leading digital marketing agency servicing a diverse range of clients, PurpleClick needed to streamline their campaign management processes and reduce repetitive tasks such as report generation, pacing, and bid optimization. This was crucial to ensure their teams had more time to focus on strategic planning and analysis.


PurpleClick partnered with DeltaX to manage their clients’ digital campaigns. DeltaX provided an interactive dashboard, customized weekly and monthly cross-channel reports, and an AI-driven optimizer to distribute budgets and optimize pacing and bidding. DeltaX also trained the PurpleClick team and helped onboard their clients seamlessly onto the platform.


By implementing DeltaX’s solutions, PurpleClick saw a significant increase in productivity, with a 40-50% reduction in manual intervention for campaign management. DeltaX’s optimizer removed the guesswork out of budget planning and bidding, leading to better campaign performance and higher client satisfaction. The DeltaX platform also enabled PurpleClick to provide their clients with real-time reports, enhancing transparency and improving retention.

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SMB Clients
"DeltaX has helped us streamline our digital campaigns, optimize budget distribution, and achieve better results. Their support has been invaluable, and we're thrilled to have them as our partners in delivering exceptional performance."

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