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Say Goodbye to Measurement Challenges and Scale Your ROI

Deterministic Attribution

Trace user journey for all conversions without worrying about sampling or relying on probabilistic matches

Track Multiple Goals

Measure multiple goals for full-funnel tracking and custom fields to capture rich categorization information

Expedite Publisher Learning

Feed qualitative signals to platforms like Google Ads & Facebook to improve their targeting and expedite AI learning

Data Export APIs

Get access to raw & summarized data to import to your data warehouse using flexible formats like CSV, AWS S3 or API

Fraud Prevention

Save costs and benefit from strong dedupe checks in place to avoid paying for fraudulent or erroneous clicks

First-party & Secure

Leverage custom first-party domains, S2S tracking and to avoid getting blocked by browsers or based secure tracking

More than 1000+ Advertisers trust DeltaX for Insights, Creative Solutions & Measurement​

Get Started In Days with Tracking Across Web & Mobile

We support a wide array of capabilities to collect data across all user touch points using easy to implement SDKs. Typical integration is one-time and it only takes a few hours to get started.

Single View Across Paid Channels for Cost & Tracking Metrics

Leverage one-click integrations across 100+ popular paid marketing platforms. Use pre-built dashboards and reporting to keep on top of the tracking, conversion, and cost data in a single view.

Measure & Optimize Metrics That Matter using Offline Import & CRM Integration

Take advantage of advanced tracking capabilities to measure post-conversion events like Deposits, KYC verification, and other critical business goals. CRM integrations ensure that disposition data is also synced at regular intervals and is available in our Reporting & Dashboarding modules.

Analyze ROI using Multi-touch Attribution Modeling

Analyze ROI and performance using a variety of single-touch, multi-touch, and data-driven attribution models. Although you can choose a single primary attribution model, we allow selecting multiple secondary models for your to compare attribution results. We also support an advanced Model Comparison tool that helps compare KPIs across models.

Track, Attribute and Grow With Affiliate Marketing

Advanced tools to track, dedupe, and verify conversions across Affiliates. Manage affiliates at scale using our automated reports and server-to-server postbacks with granular control over selecting the metrics which are shared with affiliates.

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