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Achieving 80% Increase in ROI for Sephora with DeltaX’s U-Shaped Attribution Model



Sephora, a leading cosmetics brand, wanted to boost their digital revenues by investing in marketing channels that could deliver expected returns. However, they faced challenges with the typical non-linear consumer journey and the need for better insights to improve MROI.


Sephora partnered with DeltaX to deploy a U-shaped attribution model as part of their multi-touch attribution (MTA) stack. This enabled Sephora to compare and analyze performance results of various marketing channels through different attribution models, giving them the flexibility to choose the primary MTA model that consistently delivered the best business results.


Since implementing DeltaX’s U-shaped attribution model, Sephora has been able to allocate budgets more effectively and optimize campaigns for maximum impact. The U-shaped attribution model has resulted in an 80% increase in ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the data-driven marketing decisions made possible by DeltaX’s MTA stack.

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"DeltaX has been a valuable partner in our efforts to boost digital revenues. Their multi-touch attribution solution provided us with great insights into the performance of our marketing channels, and their advanced measurement capabilities have become an essential tool in our technology stack. Thanks to DeltaX, we were able to make smarter budget allocation decisions and increase ROI by 80%."
Shyam Sandilya
Regional Director, Performance Marketing

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