Personalized Video Campaign Accelerates Bajaj Pulsar 250 Buzz

"DeltaX's personalized video campaign brought a fresh approach to our marketing strategy for the Bajaj Pulsar 250. The customized videos featuring our customers' preferred influencers created a meaningful connection and generated significant brand engagement. Thanks to DeltaX, our campaign made a lasting impact, sparking conversations and fueling interest in the Pulsar 250."
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Bajaj, a leading automobile manufacturer, aimed to engage customers with an interactive campaign for the newly launched Pulsar 250. The challenge was to provide users with a personalized experience and enable them to interact with the bike’s features. Bajaj needed a creative technology partner to produce customized videos featuring product feature reviews from selected biking experts or influencers.


DeltaX’s technology stack played a pivotal role in executing the campaign. A unique Bajaj Pulsar 250 web app was developed, allowing users to provide their details and preferences. Leveraging DeltaX Studio, personalized videos were generated, incorporating users’ names and featuring their chosen influencer, showcasing the bike’s features. The campaign assets were seamlessly deployed to users’ WhatsApp numbers for efficient distribution and engagement.


The campaign achieved remarkable results, with users creating over 22,000 co-branded videos featuring their favorite influencers and sharing them with their networks. With 14,000 unique users visiting the web app, the campaign generated significant buzz and interest for the Bajaj Pulsar 250, driving brand engagement and awareness.

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