Empowering 50,000+ Merchants with Personalized Videos for Tokopedia’s #RamadanEkstra Campaign

"DeltaX's innovative solutions were instrumental in the success of our #RamadanEkstra 2022 campaign. Their expertise in automating the entire process allowed our merchants to effectively promote their stores with personalized videos and a variety of customizable offers. The results were outstanding, with over 50,000 merchants participating, highlighting the power of combining technology and strategic partnerships for success."
Wilson Salim
Masterbrand Lead, Tokopedia
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During Indonesia’s biggest festivity, Ramadan, Tokopedia aimed to empower their merchants with a personalized #SellerxSeleb video campaign featuring Indonesia’s biggest celebrity, Ayu Dewi. The goal was to promote merchants’ champion offerings and stores across social media platforms for greater exposure. Tokopedia sought a strategic partner to execute the campaign in a short timeframe.


Tokopedia chose DeltaX as the strategic partner to automate the end-to-end process. DeltaX built a microsite for sellers, where merchants could customize their offers from 9 different types and receive HD-quality co-branded videos for their promotion. The solution facilitated a seamless collaboration between Tokopedia, merchants, and Ayu Dewi.


The campaign was well-received by both merchants and the audience. Over 50,000 merchants participated, making the #RamadanEkstra 2022 campaign a resounding success. The personalized video campaign boosted merchant exposure and garnered significant engagement across various social media platforms.

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