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Revving Up Diwali: Hero Motocorp’s 200-City, Multilingual Ad Blitz

"DeltaX's platform demonstrated exceptional capability in scaling hyper-localized content, which transformed our festive advertising. This approach not only expanded our reach but also deepened our connection with audiences in every city during Diwali."
Geetika Bisla
Head of Marketing at Hero MotoCorp
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Hero Motocorp, a leading brand in the two-wheeler industry, sought to amplify its visibility during the festive Diwali season. The challenge was to create tailored promotions for six bike models across 200 cities, each featuring unique offers. The campaign aimed to go beyond standard advertising by incorporating personalized greetings for each city and multilingual music in six Indian languages, enhancing the local relevance and appeal.


To address this complex challenge, Hero Motocorp partnered with DeltaX, utilizing the DeltaX Creative Studio and Launcher. This collaboration enabled the creation and distribution of new, customized videos on a daily basis, each uniquely crafted to reflect local offers and cultural nuances. The videos, optimized for both newsfeed and story formats, were designed with a sense of urgency through a countdown for the offers, and were strategically launched on Meta platforms.


The campaign’s impact was substantial and quantifiably impressive. While a separate festive campaign by Hero Motocorp saw a VTR of 5%, the initiative powered by DeltaX achieved a remarkable VTR of 44%. This stark contrast in viewer engagement demonstrated the effectiveness of the tailored approach. Across the 200 targeted cities during Diwali, Hero Motocorp’s strategy of daily content refresh, coupled with regional personalization and urgency-driven messaging, not only heightened brand visibility but also resonated powerfully with diverse audiences, strengthening the brand’s connection with its consumers.

"Leveraging DeltaX's platform for our extensive Diwali campaign allowed us to hyper-localize at an unprecedented scale. Their technology enabled us to engage with customers in hundreds of cities uniquely and personally, significantly bolstering our national brand presence."
Deepanshu Arora
Manager, Digital Marketing at Hero MotoCorp
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