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Boosting ByBit’s ROI by 32% and Media Mix Optimization



ByBit, a leading crypto trading platform, aimed to optimize its Media Mix and identify channels driving ROI while scaling budgets across 20+ channels. The challenges faced included difficulty in deduping signups across channels, tracking limited to last-click, missing attribution for users signing up on the web and depositing on the mobile app and the team’s alignment with key business metric of ‘First-time Deposit’ (FTD) post signup.


DeltaX implemented it’s data-driven attribution model, along with offline integration, to address the challenges. The complete path to conversion analysis helped identify channels involved in the user journey and those driving ROI. Accurate path tracking and deduping signups were achieved with configurable attribution windows. By integrating offline activity, the performance marketing team could measure channels driving critical downstream metrics (e.g., 25% increase in FTD) and align with business goals. Cross-platform user attribution was also facilitated, and the configuration of S2S postbacks was streamlined for ad networks and affiliates.


ByBit experienced a 32% increase in ROI and improved media mix optimization as a result of DeltaX’s implementation. The solution provided granular control for performance marketing teams, allowing them to align with business goals to drive FTD and reduce manual processes. It also resulted in a 15% reduction in duplicate signups and a 18% increase in attributed cross-platform conversions due to view-through attribution for display channels.

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"DeltaX's comprehensive tracking and measurement solution has been a game-changer for our performance marketing efforts. We've achieved a 32% increase in ROI, better media mix optimization, and gained valuable insights into our user journey across platforms. Their solution has truly transformed our marketing strategies and contributed to a significant increase in 'First-time Deposit'."

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