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Elevate Your Digital Agency's Performance with Our AI-Powered Suite

Streamline, Optimize, and Accelerate Your Agency's Success

We’re Trusted by the Best in the Industry to Power their Client Success

manage end-to-end lifecycle for your clients

Brief & Plan
  • Brief Management
  • Benchmarking & Forecasting
  • Plan Builder with AI Assist
  • Approval workflow with version control, Estimate and RO’s with eSign
  • Accelerated launch by bringing process ease, reducing effort and leakage
  • Campaign QA for error resistant deployment
  • Set governance objectives, checks and balances
  • Cross-channel Tracking & Multi-touch Attribution
  • First party ad serving, Custom metrics & Customer Journey analysis
  • Affiliate Tracking, S2S postbacks & commission calcuation
  • In built Optimizer helps monitoring, segment and self optimize basis objectives/ priorities
  • DeltaX Assistant with 1-click optimizers
Dashboard & Report
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Planned vs Actual reports
  • In built data modelling for cause and effect
  • Automated and customised reporting, multiple formats
  • Mobile App for data on the go and Reporting API
  • Estimate and RO Consumption Tracking
  • IB Logging
  • Invoicing
  • Billing and Payable Reports

Simplify Your Planning with AI-Powered Brief Management

Our Brief & Plan tools streamline your processes with intelligent forecasting, AI-assisted planning, and seamless approval workflows

Supercharge Your Campaigns with Rapid, Error-Free Activation

With our Activate suite, reduce effort and leakage, ensure error-resistant deployment, and establish strong governance for your campaigns.

Maximize Campaign Results with Advanced, AI-Driven Optimization

Our in-built Optimizer and DeltaX Assistant enable real-time monitoring, segmentation, and self-optimization based on your objectives and priorities.

Harness the Power of Data with In-Depth, Actionable Reporting

Stay informed with customizable, automated reports, in-built data modeling, and mobile access to your campaign data.

Streamline Your Financial Processes with Efficient Billing Solutions

Our Billing suite simplifies your financial management with estimate and RO consumption tracking, and comprehensive billing and payable reports.

Ensure Success with Our Comprehensive Support and Training

We offer extensive support and training to ensure your agency gets the most out of our platform, including a help desk and personalized training sessions.

Explore Platform Features

Using tools which are creating data silos that make it hard to visualize and measure success? Leverage DeltaX to realize transformative outcomes

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Brief us about your goals and learn more about our platform solutions and bespoke possibilities

AI-driven Advertising – Empowering Insights, Delightful Creatives, and Accurate Tracking

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