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90% Increase in CPA for Dr. Aeroguard using Live Air Pollution data



Eureka Forbes wanted to increase brand awareness and engagement for Dr. Aeroguard air purifiers by leveraging real-time weather and pollution data.


DeltaX Signal2Ads utilized real-time air quality data and geo-fenced hyper-local ads on Facebook to trigger dynamic ads whenever there was a perceptible change in air quality. The ads educated the audience on air quality and its impact on health, resulting in increased brand recall and higher home demo requests.


Dr. Aeroguard reached 75% of its target audience in Delhi NCR and achieved a CTR 25 times higher than industry standards. The weather-based dynamic ad campaign increased brand recall by 300% in Delhi and resulted in a 90% increase in home demo requests. Overall, DeltaX Signal2Ads led to higher product inquiries, with an 18% increase in ARPU for the air purifier.

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"The challenge in Air Purifier category is that it’s still nascent and there’s hardly any awareness about the products. Through dynamic ads from DeltaX using real-time weather data, we were able to break the conventional advertising mould, and reach our audience effectively. This was a path-breaking campaign for us."
Ravi Sekhar
Chief Digital Officer, MEC

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