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Deliver Customer Delight with Personalization & Hyperlocal Marketing

Creative Studio

Powerful do-it-yourself builder which supports advanced animations and effects to build engaging creatives

Multiple Sizes & Formats

Simultaneously build creatives in all sizes and export in bulk as Images, Animated GIFs and HD Videos

Multiply & Scale

Dedicated workflows to export thousands of variations in minutes using excel based input and granular control

Multivariate Testing

Experiment and drive insights using multivariate testing across creative elements, copy and call to actions

Creative Insights

Receive granular insights including cost-per analysis with one-click integrations across media channels

Localize & Adapt

Build localized and multilingual adapts using bulk workflows across all sizes and formats

More than 1000+ Advertisers trust DeltaX for Insights, Creative Solutions & Measurement

Deploy Thousands of Creatives with Granular Targeting Across Media Channels

Inbuilt powerful launch workflows to automate creative deployment across Google, Facebook Ads, YouTube, DV360, Amazon Marketing Services, and other popular channels.

Delight Customers with Realtime Marketing for Sporting Events

Leverage live match scores and in-game moments from sporting events to delight your customers with real-time ads.

Drive Engagement & ROI with E-commerce Feed-driven Creatives

Never fall short of creative ideas – use your e-commerce promotions, offers, and product feed to generate high-performing creative concepts

Scale Campaigns with Personalized Hyperlocal Marketing

Use geolocation, points of interest, or postal codes for targeting and also show related dynamic content or callouts in creatives for personalized hyperlocal marketing at scale.

Make Personable Creative Concepts using Weather Signals

Build personable creative concepts at scale and trigger them on the basis of weather signals like rain, temperature, humidity, and pollution signals

Drive Performance using Cohort Personalization at Scale

Leverage your user intent and engagement data to build valuable cohorts and show personalized and targeted concepts as part of your ads

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