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Clear Skies Ahead: Mamaearth’s 102% ROAS Through Weather-Targeted Marketing

"In the ever-evolving world of marketing, it's crucial to find partners that bring fresh insights to the table. Our partnership with DeltaX did just that. Their innovative utilization of weather data to craft tailored ads provided our Onion Shampoo campaign with an edge. It was a pleasure seeing our product resonate more deeply with our target audience due to these efforts."
Syed Sibtain Imam
General Manager Media, Mamaearth
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Mamaearth, an emerging brand in the Indian skincare and haircare market, had a clear vision: to capitalize on moment marketing and contextual ads to increase engagement for their Onion Shampoo. The brand aimed to craft advertisements synchronized with real-time weather conditions, such as humidity, AQI, and rainfall across seven major Indian cities. This strategy wasn’t solely about product promotion; it highlighted the shampoo’s unique ability to shield hair from the ravages of the weather.


To make this vision a reality, Mamaearth engaged with the capabilities of DeltaX’s DCO platform, a tool that adeptly integrates weather triggers. With this platform, they could dispatch real-time ads tailored for Meta’s vast user audience reflecting the specific weather attributes of each city, from AQI to rainfall levels. As soon as a weather trigger was activated, DeltaX DCO ensured that ads matched the prevailing conditions, with each ad being displayed only during its relevant weather event. The strategy was bolstered by DeltaX’s AI-powered Optimizer, which, in collaboration with Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimizer, maximized campaign effectiveness. Furthermore, DeltaX Insights provided continuous monitoring with real-time dashboards, alerts, and periodic reports.


Within just a month, the campaign saw remarkable success, achieving 102% of the targeted ROAS. Beyond these numbers, the campaign saw a significant 4.4pts uplift in ad recall showcasing its resonance with its target audience, while a 3.7pts boost in action intent signaled a stronger inclination of consumers to engage with or buy the product. Through a blend of contextual messaging and real-time moments, Mamaearth’s Onion Shampoo emerged as the preferred product, capturing significant attention from its target audience.

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