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Continuously Drive Scale using AI-driven Optimization

Powerful Tools

Uncover tell-tale signals with multi-dimensional analysis on ad copy, gender, location, interests, and custom-audiences leveraging advanced tools

Precision Targeting

Attract high-value users with overlap targeting based on custom-audience, interest-based, and cross-channel signals

Bring Your Own Data

Bring in data from CRM, analytics, mobile, and proprietary systems to measure campaigns’ efficacy for metrics that matter to you

Cross-Channel Planning

Get a panoramic real-time view of cross-channel media plans and gain actionable insights, all on a single dashboard

Streamlined Workflows

Swiftly launch, edit, monitor, and analyze multiple campaigns using flexible alerts and change rules across channels.

Intelligent Automation

Make fast and smart decisions by automating mundane tasks and using alerts & notifications to drive outcomes

More than 1000+ Advertisers trust DeltaX for Insights & Optimization

​​AI-driven Assistant to Help You Continuously Drive ROI

DeltaX Assistant continuously monitors your account for issues which limit opportunities and scale which show up as actionable notifications. The Assistant also performs periodic comprehensive health checks to ensure you can leverage your spending to the fullest

Run Yours Campaigns on Auto-Pilot with Our Portfolio Optimizer

Maximize returns on advertising spends with high-frequency Bayesian optimizations on multi-dimensional data fueled with predictive intelligence and look-back modeling. Manage bid and budget optimizations across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Amazon Marketing Services.

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AI-driven Advertising – Empowering Insights, Delightful Creatives, and Accurate Tracking

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